Your baby’s milestones from 1-6 months

Though some days (and nights!) may go very slowly, your baby is developing quickly between 4-24 weeks. Find out what changes to expect. Facetime Babies prefer human faces to any other patterns or colours. Your baby especially loves your face. At around two months, your baby really starts to focus on nearby faces. Their vision … read more

Life stages: the changing microbiome

We all change as we move through life, and so does the microbiome, the living ecosystem which includes beneficial bacteria that exists on and inside each of us. The big bacterial bang Mums pass on a huge gift to their children: friendly bacteria. Babies born through the birth canal are believed to receive a coat of … read more

Your vaginal health – It’s a girl thing

Your vaginal microflora does an amazing job of keeping you healthy down below. Here’s to all those Lactobacillus bacteria living it up in your lady bits. Before you were even a day old, a microscopic mob of good bacteria established itself in your vagina. It’s been busily at work there ever since, doing its best … read more

How to support your liver health

It’s easy to take your liver for granted. When it’s working well, you don’t even notice it. But this quiet achiever can use our support, so let’s dig in and see what we can do to help maintain our liver’s health. The importance of the liver has been recognised since ancient Rome, but it’s taken us … read more

Love your liver

For such an important organ, the liver often gets overlooked. Let’s take a quick tour of this hidden hero and learn what we can do to support its health and function. While the importance of the liver has been recognised since antiquity, it’s taken us a while as a species to understand what exactly this … read more

Supporting your child’s immune system in winter

The cold season is upon us again. Many parents accept winter sneezes as a fact of life, but with a little preparation, there’s a lot you can do that may reduce the occurrence of common colds. Here’s a quick checklist of suggestions to help support the health and function of your child’s immune system this … read more

Fight colds faster this year

There’s lots to love about winter. It’s the footy season for starters. You can get your fire-pit burning. And you might even try some snow sports. You probably have great plans for an exciting winter. So, you should also be planning for good winter health. Here’s how to support a healthy immune system so that … read more

Shape up for the cold season

As autumn gives way to winter, you might be savouring crisp, clear mornings, anticipating fun in the snow, or plotting an escape to somewhere sunny. Whatever you’re planning this winter, give some thought to your winter health too. Here’s some tips to support your immune system health to help you handle common colds. Self-care and … read more

Supporting your child’s immune system in winter

Kids love winter. They delight in jumping in muddy puddles, seeing their own breath in the crisp morning air, or toasting marsh-mallows over a fire. Winter fun doesn’t have to include lots of colds. Children can get several common colds per year and may take a couple of weeks to fully recover. Here are some … read more

WATCH: Giaan Rooney on Parenting – Part 3

Olympic star, Giaan Rooney, explains how she supports her family’s microbiome health.

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