Life stages: the changing microbiome

We all change as we move through life, and so does the microbiome, the living ecosystem which includes beneficial bacteria that exists on and inside each of us. The big bacterial bang Mums pass on a huge gift to their children: friendly bacteria. Babies born through the birth canal are believed to receive a coat of … read more

Supporting your child’s immune system in winter

The cold season is upon us again. Many parents accept winter sneezes as a fact of life, but with a little preparation, there’s a lot you can do that may reduce the occurrence of common colds. Here’s a quick checklist of suggestions to help support the health and function of your child’s immune system this … read more

Supporting your child’s immune system in winter

Kids love winter. They delight in jumping in muddy puddles, seeing their own breath in the crisp morning air, or toasting marsh-mallows over a fire. Winter fun doesn’t have to include lots of colds. Children can get several common colds per year and may take a couple of weeks to fully recover. Here are some … read more

WATCH: Giaan Rooney on Parenting – Part 3

Olympic star, Giaan Rooney, explains how she supports her family’s microbiome health.

WATCH: Giaan Rooney on Parenting – Part 2

Australian Olympic hero, Giaan Rooney, reflects on her perceptions of parenting since having kids herself.

WATCH: Giaan Rooney on Parenting – Part 1

Olympic champion, Giaan Rooney, explains how she looks after her own family’s health since retiring from swimming.

What’s the deal with eczema in kids?

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis and usually appears in early childhood. It’s an inflammatory condition that plagues one in three Australians at some point in their lives. It occurs in around one in five children under two years of age and often improves with age. If a child has parents who suffered from … read more

First time mum? Read this…

 For the mess: Mess will be the least of your concerns when you are settling in your new baby, but there will be a frantic rush to make your house, clothes and self look a step above squalor when an unanticipated visitor knocks on the door. Natural baby wipes are great for everything. Skin, … read more

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