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Why choose a broad spectrum probiotic?

Why choose a broad spectrum probiotic? There are so many reasons. As living organisms, probiotics have different requirements in order to survive. For example, some probiotics can flourish without oxygen, whereas others may require a regular dose of prebiotics – a type of plant fibre that essentially feeds probiotics – and a regular oxygen supply … read more

The Importance of Probiotics whilst Breast-Feeding

Breast-feeding is such a special time for a mother and her baby and is an important way to provide dense nutrition and physical bonding. While there is so much research showing us why it really is ‘liquid gold’, there is new evidence that probiotics and prebiotics contained in breast milk have significant health benefits on … read more

The low down on probiotics and pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time and signals a new chapter in life. In nurturing you and your baby as he or she grows, there is also a set of health and nutritional guidelines that are important to follow for overall wellbeing and development. When it comes to probiotics and pregnancy, probiotics during pregnancy via … read more

What is cholesterol and how does it affect your body?

These days everyone knows about the importance of keeping cholesterol levels low, but how much do you know about this substance and how it works in the body? Cholesterol is a waxy type of substance similar to fat. It can be found throughout the body and it does actually have some benefits for you. For … read more

What you need to know about krill oil

Omega-3 fatty acids have become one of the biggest buzzwords among health enthusiasts, but how much do you know about one source of omega-3 from another? Most people will have heard of fish oil as one of the best sources of these fatty acids, but another marine-based organism has been steadily gaining popularity. Krill oil … read more

Vitamins for Women

These days there are so many vitamins for women available in stores, many of them claiming to do everything from building healthy hair, skin and nails, to energy and even weight loss. It can often be difficult to work out what to take and whether it will be effective. When looking for the right vitamins … read more

Vitamin B Complex for Women in Australia

Vitamin B complex for women is a well known supplement that many people take to get some extra energy and make the most of their busy day. But what these people may not know is that there are many other important roles vitamin B plays in our body. What does this group of vitamins do … read more

Healthy Skin & Hair Nutrition

Hair and skin are fantastic indicators of our health. When we are not looking after ourselves, our hair and skin are often the first parts of our bodies to suffer, losing their strength and vitality very quickly and making us look tired and depleted. Because the body sees hair and skin as being less important … read more

Low Iron Levels in Women

Iron is an extremely important mineral. Not only is it essential for healthy blood cells and oxygen transport, it is also needed for many other functions, such as building strong hair and nails, bone formation and immune system function. Signs of low iron levels in women can often creep up on us. They can be … read more

Nutrition for Women

As male and female bodies have different nutritional requirements, it is important that any diet and supplement regime takes the requirements of nutrition for women into account. Nutrition for women can change according to the different stages of life. Young women, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and older women all have different needs. Young women Nutrition … read more