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Why ‘sleeping like a baby’ isn’t always easy for our little ones

Tips for improving my baby’s sleep

Life-Space Team December 02, 2019 3 mins

Parenthood involves many adjustments, but one of the hardest can be sleep deprivation. Here’s an overview of baby sleep issues, tips and available help.

There’s a lot of development in a baby’s first year. They learn how to sit, crawl and stand. They start eating solids and learn to hold a spoon. And they will eventually learn how to sleep for longer periods, since that’s also a skill that develops over time.


Babies and sleep

Each baby has its own unique temperament, meaning that some children are much easier to settle than others, even within the same family. Their sleep patterns can also change as they grow.

Newborns have tiny tummies and need feeding every three hours or so. Babies also have shorter sleep cycles than adults and haven’t yet learnt how to go back to sleep. They also take time to work out that they should only nap for short periods during the day and have a much longer sleep at night.

Common sleep issues include:


Sleeping tips and tricks

If you want your baby to sleep well at night, then first start by examining their day. Depending on their age, they might benefit from:

At bedtime and overnight, you can try:

Paradoxically, a baby is likely to sleep better if you intervene less.


Getting help

Talk to your GP or child health nurse if you’re struggling with your baby’s sleep. Help is also available from infant sleep schools across Australia, such as:

You can find private sleep consultants across Australia listed at Sleep School for Babies and Toddlers.


Other resources

Popular books on babies and sleep include:

Hopefully, some of these techniques will help you get a better pattern of rest soon. In the meantime, perhaps a relative or friend could take the baby for a few hours so you can catch up on some rest.

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