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The Life-Space story

We’re Life-Space, Australia’s number one probiotic brand*. We’re passionate about innovation and all things microbiome.

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Life-Space creates premium probiotic formulations; blending, packaging and quality-testing our products in Australia and distributing them around the world.

It all started with two Melbourne men and a family-owned business. Meet Ben and Craig:

I’m fascinated by what science is uncovering about the microbiome and I want everyone to benefit from it.

Craig Silbery, Science Director, Evolution Health

Life-Space began in 2012 and has now expanded into New Zealand, Hong Kong (China) and China, becoming the number one international probiotic brand on both Tmall and TaoBao**.

We love how probiotics can help support bacterial diversity in the gut and beyond, and how this diversity is the calling-card of a healthy microbiome.

We want to encourage all people to understand the importance of supporting a healthy microbiome and how daily lifestyle choices can influence this. Our aim is to occupy a leadership position in this emerging science through independent research and development, in tandem with clinical collaboration with other innovators.

We’re passionate about the science, but it’s our shared humanity and our potential to impact your life that really excites us. Let’s take this journey together.


*IRI Aztec MarketEdge. Total Probiotics –Australian pharmacy and grocery (units) MAT to 10/1/2021.

**Tmall and Taobao. Data periods: 01/07/2019 to 01/07/2020.