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Shipping and returns

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We are currently experiencing delivery delays. 

Most Australian orders are usually delivered within 7-10 days. We work with Australia Post for our international shipping times below. A confirmation email with your shipment tracking details will be sent when goods have been dispatched.



Standard parcels

New Zealand

6-12 business days


8-20 business days


10-20 business days


7-13 business days

Hong Kong

7-13 business days


17-22 business days


7-17 business days


10-20 business days


10-20 business days


10-20 business days


 9-15 business days


12-18 business days

Pacific Islands

12-16 business days

Major Europe

9-20 business days

See zones list

9-25 business days

See zones list

9-25 business days

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All prices quoted on this website are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) inclusive of GST.


Refunds, Credits & Replacements and Cancellations Policy

All products bought through the Life-Space online store are covered by this Policy.  If you are a consumer residing in Australia, you may have other rights and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law (Cth).

Us” means Life-Space Group Pty Ltd and its related parties.

You” means the person who placed the order through the Life-Space online store.


Refunds, Credits & Replacements

Our products are manufactured to a high-quality standard, and We stand by the quality and claims we make on Our products.  Products purchased through our online store are eligible for refund, credit or replacement if the product is handled and used in accordance with its instructions, and any of the following occurs:

To receive a refund, credit or replacement, You must contact Our Customer Service Centre on +61 3 9828 9400 or email info@evolutionhealth.com.au within 10 business days of receiving Your order.  You may be asked to provide:

If We are satisfied with your proof of purchase, We will forward You a reply-paid envelope with a claim request.  You are required to complete the claim request in full, noting whether you are seeking a refund, credit, or replacement, and return this request and the product in the reply-paid envelope. For customers outside Australia, claim requests are processed based on proof of purchase plus other supporting purchase evidence to substantiate your request for a refund, credit or replacement.



A refund will be issued in accordance with Your instructions in the claim request.  The amount of the refund will be the purchase price and currency You paid as detailed on your order confirmation.  A refund will generally be issued within 10 business days from receipt by Us of the claim.  International refunds may take longer.



A credit will be noted in Our ordering system and will be applied against your next purchase upon receipt by Us of the claim.  The value of the credit applied will be the purchase price and currency You paid as detailed on your order confirmation.



A replacement product will be issued by Us upon receipt by Us of the claim.  This product will be the same as that detailed on your order confirmation.  You are not required to pay any difference if the price of the product increases.  We reserve the right to provide a replacement product of superior quality.  If a replacement is not available, We will contact you.

If You are unable to substantiate proof of purchase and/or evidence to support a claim (for example where the product has not been handled or used in accordance with its instructions), We will deny your claim and return the product to You.



We will not refund, credit or replace products purchased through our online store in the following circumstances:



Dispatch time frames can vary, although orders are generally dispatched within 2 business days.  We will only accept the cancellation of an order where We receive a cancellation of that order from You prior to it being despatched. 

All requests for cancellation of an order must be notified to Our Customer Service Centre on +61 3 9828 9400 or emailed to orders@evolutionhealth.com.au Notification of cancellation is deemed received when We receive notification from You.