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April 20, 2018
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So, you have had your first baby, congratulations – your little bundle of love is now safe and at home. You thought you were so ready for this part, you couldn’t wait for cuddles and for your soothing maternal instincts to kick in to overdrive, and you would know exactly what to do with the new love of your life. Or so you thought….

For the mess:

Mess will be the least of your concerns when you are settling in your new baby, but there will be a frantic rush to make your house, clothes and self look a step above squalor when an unanticipated visitor knocks on the door.

  • Natural baby wipes are great for everything. Skin, hair, the bench – anything can be wiped with a natural baby wipe. One packet lasts approximately one week.
  • Cotton buds. You will wonder how they do it, but babies get mess everywhere, seemingly without even moving. Cotton buds are great for tricky spots that a baby wipe can’t reach, such as ears or even their belly button.
  • Face cloths. These are needed everywhere and in every room. You will be constantly washing your baby, so this is a cleaning product you will be using more than any other.


For the house:

  • A nappy kit. Coming at the top of our product rankings was a travelling nappy bag, which had a fold out padded mat for nappy changing. Genius!
  • Newborns are just as confused as you are. They are now part of a big world they have never seen before and the colours, smells and noises can be daunting. Wraps for swaddling can calm them, they need a cuddle just as much as you do!
  • Baby rocker. In the beginning, your child will literally still be attached to you most of the time. Try cooking dinner or putting your shoes on with your baby safely in your eyesight in a rocker or swing.


For the love of fashion:

  • Onesies! A LOT of onesies! A typical newborn can go through at least three onesies per day. Having a stash of clean size 000 and 0000 is always handy.
  • Baby’s feet get surprisingly cold. Plus, baby socks are completely adorable.


For outside:

  • Stroller hooks. No matter how big a pram basket is, it can always seem difficult to squish the last bit of shopping in. Stroller hooks allow somewhere to pop your shopping, or even your handbag.
  • A lightweight, foldable changing pad. Because you never know where you will be when you get caught out, enough said.
  • Pacifier clips. Babies see ‘shiny things’, particularly when they move. If you secure the dummy onto the pram, the likeliness of dirt and grime spreading over the dummy is drastically reduced.


For you:

  • Breast pads. Not a charming topic of conversation, but these little beauties can save your self-esteem by preventing potentially awkward social situations.
  • An eye mask. Sleep when your baby sleeps is fine in theory, but sometimes it is hard to cut the world out. Making it dark can help a little.
  • If you can – sunshine and exercise. Make some time for yourself with a few minutes in the sun (depending on the time of year) and some moderate exercise.

And because we care for those we love best when we look after ourselves first, you might like to add Life-Space Probiotic for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding to your perinatal regime to support your general health and wellbeing.

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