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Life-Space Live Bacteria Guarantee

With Guarantee To Contain Live Bacteria

Each jar of Life-Space probiotics is guaranteed to contain live bacteria. The freeze drying process, Life-Space manufacturing techniques, packaging, pharmaceutical grade glass jars and special seals under the caps, ensure the viability and quality of Life-Space probiotics.

Once opened, it is important to ensure that the lid is recapped tightly after each use to protect the bacteria against the moisture in the air. Store Life-Space probiotics in a cool, dry place below 30°C and consume within 3 months of opening.

 The facts about probiotics

The increasing interest in probiotics has been accompanied by the question on whether refrigerated probiotics are better than non-refrigerated ones and what keeps the probiotic bacteria efficacious and stable.

The facts about probiotics and refrigeration are outlined in 3 steps which are unique to Life-Space probiotics.

These 3 steps ensure the all Life-Space probiotics carry the Live Bacteria Guarantee tick. The Live Bacteria Guarantee tick means probiotics can be out Multi-strain up to 15 Formula logoof the fridge and remain efficacious and stable for longer.

1. Accredited modern manufacturing techniques

Modern super drying technology
Moisture is removed from all Life-Space probiotics throughout the manufacturing process. Life-Space probiotics are freeze dried. Using this modern super drying technology, the probiotics are taken to a deep state of dormancy to protect the bacteria from being activated until they reach the digestive tract. Subsequent stages of the manufacturing process are conducted under extremely low humidity levels to prevent moisture being reintroduced.

Strict manufacturing and quality control processes
Life-Space probiotics are blended and encapsulated under good manufacturing practice (GMP) in a licensed and accredited Australian manufacturing facility. Over 35 quality tests are conducted by an independent third party on Life-Space probiotic products prior to market release. The strict criteria set by Australian regulatory bodies when it comes to quality control are the key reasons why the Australian health supplement industry is highly regarded globally.

2. Packaging and Next Generation moisture protection                                                                                                                         Life-Space Probiotics Are Fridge-Free Oral Capsules

Moisture protection
Life-Space probiotics are packaged in pharmaceutical grade glass bottles that provide moisture protection. Excess oxygen is removed from the jar through nitrogen flushing. Next Generation molecular sieve desiccants are included just prior to an aluminium seal being fixed to the rim of the jar. This seal will provide moisture protection even in the most humid climates.

Next generation molecular sieve desiccant
Every jar of Life-Space probiotics contains a Next Generation molecular sieve desiccant that ensures the bacteria in each capsule are free from moisture.

3. More bacteria

Efficacy and stability guarantee
Additional bacteria added in combination with high standards of production processes and packaging, guarantee that every jar of Life-Space probiotics contains the numbers of live bacteria stated on the label and ensures that all Life-Space probiotics remain efficacious and stable for longer. This guarantees the level of bacteria on the label throughout the unopened shelf-life and up to the end of the 3-month period post opening by consumer.