Life-Space Live Bacteria Guarantee

Each jar of Life-Space probiotics is guaranteed to contain live bacteria. The freeze-drying process of all bacterial strains, manufacturing techniques employed, and packaging used ensures the viability and quality of all Life-Space probiotics.

After opening a jar of any Life-Space probiotics, it is important to ensure that the lid is recapped tightly after each use. Doing this means the product is less likely to be exposed to moisture and humidity and therefore protects the live bacteria. Store Life-Space probiotics in a cool, dry place below 30ºC and consume within 3 months of opening.

Manufacturing process

The bacterial strains used in Life-Space probiotics are freeze dried. Freeze drying means that the probiotics are taken into a state of dormancy until consumed.


Life-Space probiotics conveniently do not need to be refrigerated.

All Life-Space probiotics packaging consists of:

  • Pharmaceutical grade glass jars
  • Molecular sieve
  • An aluminium seal within the lid that is inducted to adhere to the rim of the jar

These packaging attributes ensure that the live bacteria are protected from moisture and humidity.

Live bacteria

The number of live bacteria for any Life-Space probiotic is stated on the product’s label. All Life-Space probiotics are guaranteed to contain live bacteria.

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