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Press release.
February 10, 2017

Dear Valued Partner,


It has come to our attention that some rumours are circulating regarding some of the Life-Space range of probiotics. Following is the correct situation which we hope will ease any concerns in the market.


1. Probiotic Powder for Baby. There was an automatic warning on the original TGA listing that stated the product was for ‘Adults only. OR Not to be used in children under two years of age without medical advice (or words to that effect).’ This warning came from claims relating to Upper Respiratory Infections. As we have never used these claims on the actual packaging, or in any marketing or trade activities, the claims have been removed, along with the automatic warning. No other claims, or the formula itself requires the ‘Adults only’ warning, so this also disappears. We expect the ARTG Listing on the TGA website to be updated in the next 1-2 business days. The product is designed for babies and we wish to reassure all distributors and customers that product safety is a major focus for our brand.

1. 关于婴幼儿益生菌粉。在原有的澳大利亚治疗商品管理局TGA清单上,有一句系统自动生成的错误警示文字,意旨“该商品仅限成人,或在没有医生指导下不应用于两岁以下儿童”。该警示仅限于上呼吸感染的相关症状。在我方的产品包装上,或任何市场营销、销售活动中,从未出现过类似的文字。该文字以及系统自动生成警示现已被删除。没有任何声明或其他规定要求出现“仅限成人”,所以该文字也将消失。我方预期澳大利亚治疗商品管理局(ARTG)在TGA官网上的清单也将在1-2个工作日内同步更新。该产品是为了婴幼儿度身定制的。我们向所有的经销商及客户再次声明,产品的安全性是我们品牌的重中之重。

2. Probiotic Powder for Newborn. The version being sold on our Flagship store and in Australian stores is soon to be updated by a new version, so this product version will no longer be manufactured by Evolution Health. As the new version will be launched soon, the Aust L number was removed from the TGA website and it is considered normal and acceptable in Australia to continue to sell this safely released product even after the Aust L number has been removed from the TGA. We wanted to clarify this matter as there was concern from the market about whether the product was correctly registered in Australia. Besides clarifying the authenticity of the product, we wanted to made known the reasons why the Aust L number has been removed from the TGA.

2.关于新生儿益生菌粉。该产品在我方的旗舰店以及澳大利亚店内,近期将发售新版本。该产品将继续由Evolution Health生产制造。由于新产品将发布,旧有的TGA注册编码也被从TGA网站上移除。在澳大利亚,即使TGA编码被移除,旧产品依然能够在市场上继续合法销售,而且这种做法被普遍接受。在其他市场上有对该产品是否是澳大利亚合法注册产品的质疑,我们希望就此事进行声明。除了再次强调该产品的真实合法性,我们也希望广大消费者了解该产品TGA被移除的原因。

Please contact me or our team directly if you have any concerns, or require further information.


Kind regards,
Ben McHarg
Managing Director