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Premium probiotics

Based on the latest scientific evidence, Life-Space probiotics contain up to 15 different strains of premium quality beneficial bacteria and are designed for the entire family from pregnancy and infancy, through to 60+ years of age.

Life-Space probiotics contain human genus and plant derived probiotic strains that are acid & bile resistant, and able to survive the journey through the digestive tract.

Our premium multi-strain probiotics do not require refrigeration and can be kept at normal room temperatures. In the past it was important that probiotics were kept in the refrigerator. However, new modern freeze drying techniques ensure that the probiotics remain viable (alive), at normal room temperatures, as long as the packaging adequately protects against moisture.

The freeze drying process ensures that the  Life-Space probiotic bacteria remain dormant  until they come in contact with moisture, which normally occurs once ingested.

  • Life-Space is an Australian owned company
  • Life-Space products are manufactured in Australia
  • All products are manufactured to strict GMP standards




“Life Space doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge. I travel a lot, it’s great to be able to put it in my handbag.”

Giaan Rooney