Proudly partnering with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

To bring their musicians the pioneering Sound Mind & Body wellness program and to inspire a stronger foundation for your holistic wellbeing through music and your microbiome.

We understand the transformative power of music. 

Music can lull us to sleep or rouse us to run the last kilometre. It can transport us back to pivotal moments in our life or help us create exciting new memories. Music can enhance both our senses and our minds.

Then there’s the hidden benefits. Music has many health and wellbeing advantages, with studies showing music can influence overall positive mental health, social connection, self-confidence and even sensorimotor function.

There’s never been more of a focus on the importance of health than in the last two years. That’s why we’ve partnered the MSO to create the Sound Mind & Body Program – a new health platform for MSO musicians and audience.

The Gut-Brain Axis

Where your big brain meets your little brain