Microbial diversity

Just like our fingerprints, our microbiome is entirely unique to each person.

No two microbiomes are the same

The microbiome is dynamic and can be shaped by our environment, diet and lifestyle. As such, there is no such thing as an ideal microbiome for everyone. As we continue to learn more about our wondrous microbiome and its role in our health and wellness we know that there is no one size fits all approach and personalisation may be pivotal in supporting our own unique microbiome.

Our internal rainforest

Our microbiome can be thought of as our internal rainforest. In a rainforest, a key feature of a healthy ecosystem is a wide diversity of plant and animal species. Every species matters and all are interconnected. Even creatures that make up a small percentage of the population play important roles which can affect the whole system. As diversity decreases, there is a loss of resilience and this delicate balance can collapse.

A rich ecosystem

Similarly, our gut is a rich ecosystem and a high level of microbial diversity is essential for its optimal function. This diversity ensures that our microbiome remains resilient, adaptable and robust.

Let's trace back to the beginnings of our microbiome.

So, how is the microbiome formed?

Until recently it was commonly believed that our microbiome is first formed when we are born.