Winners of Woolworths' Consumer Promo

Our consumer promo with Woolworths in 2023 has ended.

Please find the names of the winners below


Major Prize - AO Package

Marie Gibbons
Leta Kable


Minor Prize - Vouchers

Toni Moffitt
Nicholas Brooks
Julie Byrne
Crystal Hopkins
Sal Sookchai
Vicki Burrows
Jacqualyn Dickens
Melinda Rowe
Katherine McGhie
Katrina Phillips
Lesia Weismantel
Kerry Carter
Anna Raso
Vikki Hastwell
Jayne Sessions
Michelle Williams
Jadranka Pohara
Carina Thomas
Emily Dins
Rada Sorak
Michael Temple
Patricia Ingold
David Tomich
Heather Stockdale
Estelle McAskill
Sarah Mcfeeters
Carol Jones
Ashley Beech