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The Gut-Vagina Axis – yes, it’s a thing, and here’s why it’s important…

Hippocrates coined the phrase ‘all disease begins in the gut’ many centuries ago, and while he may not have been entirely accurate, the recent discovery of the ‘gut-organ axis’ suggests he wasn’t too far off the mark! The gut-vagina axis is one of many gut-organ axes in which gut health can influence the health of a distant organ. And one of the ways this influence can occur, is via the microbiome.  Let’s explore…

Minding your Female Flora: The Importance of the Vaginal Microbiome

By now you may have heard a thing or two about the gut microbiome, but what you may not know is your vagina also has its own unique microbial ecosystem.  While many of us are introduced to the world of the vaginal microbiome through some of the less desirable microbial strains, you’ll be happy to know that when in balance, the majority of vaginal microbes are made up of ‘good guys’, existing in harmony with your body and keeping vaginal health in check.

Establishing a Resilient Ecosystem: The role of the breast microbiome

The first 1000 days of life, from conception up until 2 years of age, provides a narrow window of opportunity to establish a healthy and resilient microbiome for your growing baby.  This vast yet invisible ecosystem that lives in and on the body, plays an important role in supporting the growth and development of your child, both now and in the future. Just like earths ecosystem sustains a healthy planet, our microbiome sustains a healthy ‘us’.